Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nurspiration Revisted

I shared my original inspiration for the baby's room a little while back here, but that was put together month's ago, and of course reality hit and the plan has well, evolved since then.

Behold nurspiration, revisted:

Crab Themed Nursery and Guest Room

And why:

Reality #1:  We live in a 2-bedroom rowhouse.  The baby is going to get a lesson in sharing early, starting with its room.  

Hey, both the hubs and I shared rooms growing up, our kid can learn to do it, too.

The second bedroom has been serving as a guest room up until now, and it didn't seem right to just scrap the extra bed and sleeping space just so a little thing who won't know the difference anyway could have its own room.  So the nursery idea soon became guest room slash nursery.  We figure when we do have overnight guests, the baby can just rough it in the pack and play in our room with us.

Reality #2:  Too much of a theme was too much for me.

So I could have gone crab-crazy on this room, with every little crab knickknack I could find in a 50-mile radius (and in Maryland, that would be a lot), I just didn't really want to go there.  Less is more.  So the inspiration board became more of a color scheme for the room than anything. The crib bedding was set, and I went from there.  Plus there were so many other fabulous little nursery features I had seen out there that I wanted to incorporate.

Reality #3:  I wanted make sure I was bringing some North Carolina up in there.

This Tar Heel couldn't go completely straight Maryland after all.  And while it didn't make it to the board above, I definitely have some NC touches in the room that I hope that this child can learn to appreciate as much (or more, that's fine too) as his or her mother does.

So I might not have stuck to the original plan, but now as I am continuing to learn, being a week past my due date after all, that everything isn't going to go to plan and you can't plan everything out.  

But it all will work out the way its supposed to.

Can't wait to share how it's all worked out for us.

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  1. Ha I'm the same way - I can't go with too much of a theme. It's like matching too much; you need some fun little other things to balance it out. And yes! My husband and I both shared bedrooms growing up. Our kids are so going to do the same. I'm from GA, but I'm living in the southwest right now; I've already stashed away some ideas for our future nursery to bring some southern goodness into the decor. I have to have a little bit of home in there.