Monday, January 28, 2013

41 Weeks

How far along?  41 weeks, 1 day.  I really never imagined making it this far, much the opposite. I was convinced that if we didn't have everything ready for this baby by week 36, we were doomed.  So that would be 5 weeks of thinking I was going into labor any day, not good for my patience.  But tomorrow I'm scheduled for an induction so this baby is coming very soon, like it or not.

Total weight gain?  +33 pounds

Maternity clothes?   Still anything comfortable

Stretch marks?  No

Symptoms?  Like I said this waiting game has not been good for my patience, but I find myself impatient not only about being pregnant, but about EVERYTHING and with EVERYONE. And I'm super emotional, too.  So I just want to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who may have been harmed as a result of my condition.

Sleep:  I've had a couple mornings this past week where I woke up at 4 and despite all of my efforts I could not fall back to sleep.  I'd eventually just get out of bed because lying there in discomfort for an hour wasn't working for me.

Best moment this week:  One last child-free weekend with the hubs. 

Miss anything?  Just about everything I've listed in the past.

Movement:  Yep, and it is more uncomfortable than ever.  There is no more room at the inn.

Gender:  TBD.

Labor Signs:  Just Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Belly button in or out? Out.

Exercise:  I retired from shuffling last week so it's just been walking when the temperature actually goes above freezing (which unfortunately was not much the past week).

Looking forward to:  Obviously meeting this little one very soon, but also seeing my family.  My parents and two of my sisters are coming up tomorrow and I cannot wait to see them!  Tomorrow is a BIG day.

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