Saturday, December 29, 2012

36 Weeks

My bowl full of jelly

How far along?  36 weeks

Total weight gain?  +30 pounds

Maternity clothes?  Well, the shirt above is not maternity, howevah, it IS an XXL.  Yes, that would be two XXs.  That's Target's junior section for ya. But when I saw this shirt I felt it needed to be filled out with a big ole belly.

Stretch marks?  No

Symptoms?  The same symptoms I've been having, just now the carpal tunnel is getting to the point that I'm losing feeling in my right hand, it just kind of tingles now.

Sleep:  The same, not great.

Best moment this week:  Besides seeing the baby again at the 36-week sonogram (which was great, don't get me wrong, just not a lot to see since it's pretty cramped in there at this point), spending Christmas with mah boo and getting to facetime with my family.

Miss anything?  My family in NC.  We were supposed to spend Christmas with them this year, but no dice since I'm on travel lockdown until this baby arrives.  But like I said, thankfully I got to at least facetime with them which almost made it felt like being there.

Movement:  Still a lot; the hubs and I have been entertaining ourselves watching my stomach contort when baby decides to start moving around.

Gender:  TBD. 

Labor Signs:  None

Belly button in or out? Out.

Exercise:  Took the week off from shuffling, not intentionally, though. Just because the weather has not been ideal and there's been so much other stuff going on with the holidays.

Looking forward to:  Some more days off from work to get more stuff done around the house and the baby's room.  Hopefully I'll have some posts soon of what I've been working on.  Stay tuned.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Our 2012 Christmas Card

I had the hardest time finding a card meant for peeps who are expecting on the usual sites:  Snapfish, Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, etc, so I decided to just make our own.  Enter PicMonkey with its collage feature. I made a 3-frame collage with our picture in the center, and their background print in the other two frames, saved that and uploaded again to the regular picture editing site to add in text and a little overlay in the corner, and voila, a Christmas Card made just for us.

Merry Christmas y'all!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

35 Weeks

How far along?  35 weeks.  Due one month from today, y'all!

Total weight gain?  +28 pounds as of 34-week appointment

Maternity clothes?  Still  a mix of maternity and non-maternity.  Haven't bought any more new clothes...yet.

Stretch marks?  No

Symptoms?  Swelling in hands and feet (we're talking borderline cankles right now), carpal tunnel, hiccurps and occasional heartburn.

Sleep:  My bladder tends to wake me up about an hour earlier than I'd like and then I have trouble falling back to sleep.

Best moment this week:  I think it might've been getting the bassinet set up in the house. Made me feel like we might actually have at least one thing prepared for what is about to happen.

Miss anything?  My ankles, see symptoms above.

Movement:  Still plenty.

Gender:  TBD. 

Labor Signs:  None

Belly button in or out? Out.

Exercise:  Still shufflin'.

Looking forward to:  Really looking forward to just getting past this week.  At work, it's felt a lot like the stress of final exams before everyone goes out on holiday break.  Plus on Friday we're going to see the Christmas lights in Hampden, always a treat and it's a week off from work after that.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

34 Weeks

Oops I'm only writing this one day before I'm 35 weeks but better late than never, right?

How far along?  34 weeks

Total weight gain?  +28 pounds

Maternity clothes?  Still making it work with a mix of maternity & non-maternity.  Trying to not buy any more new clothes the rest of the way.

Stretch marks?  None yet.

Symptoms?  More swelling, hiccurps, some heartburn, and I get more and more sore on my sides while trying to sleep.  And I still feel like a big pregnant dummy.  But other than that, not too shabby.

Sleep:  Same story, some nights are better than others, but none are great sleep-wise.

Best moment this week:  Time with family and friends in NC last weekend.

Miss anything?  After this week at work I wouldn't have minded a glass of wine or six.

Movement:  Still plenty especially after eating.  I believe I can safely say this baby is a fan of Bo-berry biscuits, just like its mom.

Gender:  TBD.

Labor Signs:  None

Belly button in or out? Still an outie.

Exercise:  Still shufflin'.

Looking forward to:  Maybe actually getting some stuff accomplished around the house this weekend.  I get a little more stressed out each day that I feel like nothing is ready or organized.

Friday, December 7, 2012

33 Weeks

Go Tar Heels!  Women's Soccer National Champs

How far along?  33 weeks

Total weight gain?  +26 pounds as of the 32 week appointment

Maternity clothes?  Even the longer shirts that I've bought in a larger size are starting to not be long enough.  The one above is an XL and it's getting close to not cutting it.  Leggings are currently my BFF.

Stretch marks?  None yet.

Symptoms?  Here's a new one:  pregnancy carpal tunnel.  My hands have been in serious pain the past week after writing 40 thank you cards plus long hours at work.  And I still have swelling in my hands and feet and the ever-present hiccurps.

Sleep:  The same, not so great.  Some nights are better than others..

Best moment this week:  Dinner with the Highlandtown Emerald Society and Auxillary

Miss anything?  Wearing my real rings.  Most of the time now, my fingers are too swollen for my rings to fit, so I've been rocking a fake set from Kohl's for the past couple weeks.

Movement:  Mostly after eating and definitely more cramped.  My ribs are painin' this week.

Gender:  TBD.  

Labor Signs:  None

Belly button in or out?  I must've been kidding myself last week thinking it was flattening out. If I can see it through some shirts, then it's still an outie.

Exercise:  Still keeping up with my shuffling, pushups and dips routine...hills seem to get a bit tougher each week but I just tell myself they can't be harder than labor.

Looking forward to:  North Carolina again this weekend for an old and dear friend's wedding!