Thursday, January 10, 2013

38 Weeks

Alternate title, "Are we there yet?"

How far along?  38 weeks.  

Total weight gain?  +31 pounds

Maternity clothes?  The above shirt was an emergency purchase I made a month or two ago after I spilled (half-caf) coffee down the front of my white shirt at the beginning of a shopping trip to Target.  I panicked, pulled a shirt off of the rack, and put it on, and made the guy the register scan me while I was still wearing it.  Desperate times, ya know.  

Stretch marks?  No

Symptoms?  I'll have some sort of pain in my stomach and I'll think, "Is this finally a contraction??" but no, I then realize it's the baby's foot in my rib or just indigestion.  That and the usual suspects: heartburn, swelling, carpal tunnel.

Sleep:  I think I sleep in about 2 hour intervals now before the pain in my side wakes me up and forces me to flip over.  Eventually though, both sides will hurt so I just have to choose which one hurts less.

Best moment this week:  Finishing up all those last things I really wanted done before the baby came.  Anything else I get done at this point it just gravy.

Miss anything?  My old waistline.  Even though I know that I won't be like this forever, it's still hard to not think that way.

Movement:  I still feel the baby moving but it's definitely more cramped in there.  

Gender:  TBD. 

Labor Signs:  None

Belly button in or out? Out.

Exercise:  Shuffle/walks a couple times a week.  It's a shorter route now but it does seem to be easier for me to get out there since it's less daunting.  I might add some more straight up walks too in hopes of moving things along.  I'm starting to get impatient here!

Looking forward to:  Meeting Baby W.  I just have to keep reminding myself, even though it could happen any day, it's still early yet.

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