Wednesday, January 16, 2013

39 Weeks

No, seriously, are we there yet?

How far along?  39 weeks.  

Total weight gain?  +33 pounds

Maternity clothes?  I ordered this shirt online earlier in my pregnancy, tried it on, and was not a fan because it was freakin' 'uge on me.  But I held on to it and now I'm glad I did because I'm clearly filling out quite nicely now.  

Stretch marks?  No

Symptoms?  I'm pretty sure I finally had some legit contractions this past week, but they didn't really hurt, my stomach just got really tight.  Besides that, just more of the usual symptoms. No need to repeat myself, I feel like it just sounds like complaining.

Sleep:  The same.

Best moment this week:  Speaking of freakin' 'uge, the Ravens win on Saturday night.  Oh my goodness it was so crazy, I really thought it would send me into labor.  No such luck, but after the Jacoby Jones touchdown and then later the Justin Tucker kick, my heart was racing so fast I felt like Fred Sanford telling Elizabeth I was coming to join her.  

Miss anything?  During said game, I could've really used a cocktail.

Movement:  Now when the baby moves I want to say, "Wouldn't you enjoy moving around more out here in the world with the rest of us?"  Evidently, not yet.

Gender:  TBD. 

Labor Signs:  At my last doctor's visit, they said I was 70% effaced and slightly dilated, but still no sign of labor yet.

Belly button in or out? Out.

Exercise:  Shuffle/walks and some pushup/dips.  I've wanted to go back out for a least a walk since Saturday but the weather has been such crap, I haven't been able to.  Hopefully today I can get out for a little bit. It might not do a thing, but it sure can't hurt.

Looking forward to:  Still looking forward to meeting Baby W.  I think everyone is, and it gets tougher every day not knowing when it will finally be.  (Although the hub's has a relative who may or may not have psychic abilities and has predicted January 21st.  For my sanity, I'm trying to set that as my expectation.) 

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