Sunday, January 8, 2012

Purely Ornamental

So...I have a confession.  I'm kind of in love with our Christmas card.
I mean, right?  We used Shutterfly to make our cards and were so pleased with how they turned out.  And we went with wedding pics for our Christmas cards because

  1. The pictures are awesome, not gonna lie.
  2. It was pretty much the biggest thing that happened to us this year.  Obvi.
  3. A lot of our guests couldn't make it due to a hurricane showing up the same weekend (another story for another day), so we had a lot of requests for pictures.  Ask and ye shall receive, y'all.
So that being said, I was a little sad today while taking down our decorations, since I also had to take down our Christmas Card display, including our first card.  I know it is something we'll always want to remember, but what could I do that would be better than wrapping it up with all of the other 2011 cards?

It was then that I remembered some inspiration from one of my favorite wedding websites...Weddingbee!  It's basically crack for any bride planning a wedding, and during our engagement I was always jonesin' for mah 'bee fix.  Part of the my self-prescribed treatment for planning withdrawal is to continue to visit weddingbee on occasion, especially to read a post by a fellow recently-wed lady.  It was in such a treatment session I saw this honey of an idea:
Making an ornament with mementos from your wedding!  This is still something I'd still like to do but today I decided to just make an ornament from our beloved Christmas card.  And it was easy like Sunday morning.

You can buy these empty glass ornaments at any craft store.  I got mine at AC Moore for $3 for a box of 6.  

And the directions are right on the back!  (I love how they have to state that the "anything you like" is not included.)

Then I just cut up our card into sections, rolled the sections up so they would fit through the ornament opening, added some ribbon, and put the top on.  The final product was this:

Now we'll be able to look back on our card every year when we put our ornaments up on the tree.  Now I'm kind of in love with this ornament.  One last Merry Christmas from the Walters!
Two UNC ornaments in the background, too, gotta love it.

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