Monday, January 30, 2012

Cookie Monster

A week has gone by and I think I'm finally over the Ravens loss.  I got to meet Torrey Smith on Friday, and I found myself looking forward to seeing what he can do next season.  And that's when you know you're over it:  when you're looking forward more to what could be than looking back at what could have been.
Torrey's so fast, my camera phone couldn't keep up

Before I go waxing way too philosophical, let me talk about this past weekend.  There was a new reason to celebrate: our friends' son's 1st birthday.  We got the cutest darn invitation for the party:
And although I am over the last Ravens game, I am still holding onto thoughts of one thing that came out of it, the cookies that I made for it.  When I saw that super cute invitation, I thought, "Wouldn't that make a great cookie."  So with my new found cookie-making skillz (is baking hard-core enough to warrant the "z"?) I made these to bring to the party:
I never got the consistency of the icing quite right, so the piping was not ideal, but the cookies were still a hit and ended up going perfectly with the theme of the party.  The kids sure didn't care that they didn't look perfect...the entire plate was polished off by the time we left.

I think I've created a (cookie) monster.

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