Friday, January 6, 2012

Because it's still Christmas until Epiphany

That's what Betsy (my mom) always told me.  We kept our decorations up and turned our Christmas lights on all the way until January 6th every year because you know why?  It's still Christmas until Epiphany.  The twelve days of Christmas isn't just a song, people.  As such, while not specifically mentioned by my mother as a rule of the holidays, I am still allowed to make a Christmas project post today. 

This being our first married Christmas, we received quite the influx of cards, much more than our mantle...okay, not mantle since we don't have a fireplace, but ledge of our of stained glass window could hold.  I wanted a better way to display the cards so we could get their full effect and not look like a hot mess piled on the window ledge.  Any ideas, Martha?

Ooh, splendid.  Where do you come up with them?  However, we don't yet have a decorative mirror downstairs (not to mention a that buffet table I still haven't made out of matchbooks).

Nope, I needed something else but with high visibility so we could enjoy seeing all the faces on the cards on a regular basis.  And then I had...well, I just can't help myself on this epiphany.  The downstairs bathroom door!  Outside of the door, though, don't be weird.

With also a lack of tinsel garland, I went with what was still sitting out from wrapping presents, good old ribbon.  And I didn't want to punch holes in my cards so I just used mini clothespins that are about $.99 a bag at the craft store.  Here were my supplies: 

Why, yes, that would be a UNC magnet on our fridge.  Go Heels!

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Clothespins
I just cut a long piece of ribbon and wrapped it around the bathroom door, taping it a few places here and there so the weight of the cards wouldn't bring it down.  And then I just secured each card with a clothespin. 

Voila, the final product:

Our Christmas card:

Wedding pics by the fab Rachel Barker at Millie Holloman Photography

Not bad, right, Martha?  Well, it was basically free and super easy and didn't end up falling off the wall in a pile like my other previous card display attempts so I am one satisfied Tar Heel. 

Happy Epiphany to all! 

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