Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Admit it, you've googled yourself before. Why is that so wrong?  It's not necessarily a purely narcissistic undertaking. It could be for security purposes, too.  Can never be too sure if there's someone out there with the same name as you with a rap sheet or advertising themselves on the casual encounters section of craigslist, right?   Better google yourself and get that cleaned up, tout de suite, is my advice.

So in that vein, I googled the blog's title today, really more to see if it has been search engine optimized, if anyone out there could even find it if they tried.  Results of that being "not so much" but they could find this beauty at the Our State store instead:

A literal Tar Heel charm.  And I think I need this now.  It's only fitting, isn't it?

So it appears as though I've found this blog's doppelganger.  A Bloggelganger, if you will.

Will you?

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