Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Weeks

How far along?  30 weeks.  Holy crap, y'all, we are in the 30s.  S is getting real.

Total weight gain?  +20 pounds 

Maternity clothes?  Again the top above is regular (non-maternity) tunic from LOFT, also wearing regular leggings, Old Navy maternity jeggings, and one pair of jeans that still fit (I looked at the label and the sizing said "Curvy".  Curvy indeed).  

Stretch marks?  None yet; I've been staying lotioned up since week 7 which seems to be working.

Symptoms?  Still plenty of hybrid burb/hiccups (which I've decided to call "hiccurps" going forward), which are usually accompanied by heartburn.  Fingers and feet starting to swell on occasion now.

Sleep:  Not so great this week.  I'm starting to get up more than once to use the bathroom each night and it takes me so long to fall back asleep once I wake up.  Especially once my mind starts racing about all the organizing I want to do in the house.

Best moment this week:  Breaking it down on the dance floor at the wedding this past weekend with the hubs.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel about dancing with zero cocktails and carrying around an extra 20 l-bs, but once we got out there I forgot I was preggo and we had a blast.

Miss anything?  We got a flyer in the mail for a sushi place and it made me want to order up a couple of rainbow rolls, stat.  I guess I could get tempura or something but I figure I've made it this far, might as well wait a couple more months.

Movement:  Still moving like crazy, especially after eating.  I could actually see my belly contorting after a fun-sized bag of peanut butter m&ms (post-Halloween sale at the drug store right now: 75% off!  Holla)  The doctor said I have an anterior placenta, which would make it harder to feel movement, but that has not been the case for me at all.

Gender:  TBD.  Though last night I dreamt it was a boy, hmm.

Labor Signs:  Nope

Belly button in or out?  Maybe 20% of it is still in, but let's be honest, it's an outie.

Exercise:  Still going on a 3 mile shuffle a couple times a week.  Didn't make it to prenatal yoga yet, considering just buying a DVD to try at home.

Looking forward to:  Actually having no plans at all this weekend, which means we can get some stuff done around the house and maybe finally buy nursery furniture.  But I'm REALLY looking forward to going home to NC next week to see my fam and friends. 

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