Thursday, November 8, 2012

29 Weeks

I've seen other peeps do this and thought it's cute and a nice diary to keep, so I'm giving it a try myself.  If boring/irrelevant to you, please ignore and we won't speak of it again.

How far along?  29 weeks

Total weight gain?  +18 pounds as of 26 week appointment (I'm refusing to get on the scale between appointments)

Maternity clothes?  Mostly yes at this point.  Although a few weeks ago LOFT was having one of their 40% off everything sales sales so I bought a few of their extra long/tunic tops (like the one above).  It's hard for me to invest in clothes I'm only going to wear a few months, so I thought this could be one alternative.  I've also found that a pre-pregnancy sweater dress can work nicely as a maternity sweater.

Stretch marks?  None yet

Symptoms?  In the past, when I'd see heartburn commercials, I always wondered what that felt like and would I even know if I was having it?  Now I know, when you have it you'll know it and it feels exactly like it's name, dummy!  I also have this weird hybrid hiccup and burp.  Not cute.

Sleep:  So glad I got my nice memory foam pillow back yesterday (I left my original one behind after a vacay to Hilton Head last month).  Made a huge difference in my sleep last night, a side sleeper needs a nice sturdy pillow to keep the neck aligned properly.  Also trying to use a pillow between my legs since I found out that it can help take pressure off of my hips which get sore so easily lately.  I'm getting tired really early this week, but I'm guess that daylight savings has something to do with that.

Best moment this week:  The extremely touching and very fun Baby-Q/Shower thrown by the hub's family for us.  I have the best in-laws ever, plus my parents and sister made the trip up from NC to be there for us too.

Miss anything?  A good night's sleep.  Would love to sleep completely through the night again (I've had to get up at least once a night since about 8 weeks in), but i guess that's not happening for a while.

Movement:  this baby likes to MOVE.  It goes crazy especially after I have something to eat.  Definitely getting some kicks in the ribs these days, too.

Gender:  ???

Labor Signs:  Nope

Belly button in or out?  Looking more like an outie than an innie lately.

Looking forward to:  My first preggo wedding on Saturday, really hoping the maternity cocktail dress I bought still fits.  SPOILER ALERT:  I doesn't.  So sad...but now I know not to buy a maternity dress 3 months before an event.  Lesson learned.

Exercise:  I don't call it jogging, it's really more of a shuffle that I'm doing in my current state.  So I've been going out shuffling a few mornings a week, which is one of the pluses of daylight savings, it's light out again in the mornings.  Hoping to try some prenatal yoga next week, because childbirth class this past Sunday made labor sound like one really long Bikram class to me.

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