Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adventures in West Palm

When you live in Baltimore, and it tends to not go over 50 degrees from December to March and someone asks you if you want to go to West Palm in February, you say YES!  That's what happened when my parents, L&B, asked us this past fall if we'd like to join them at their timeshare the following February.  You see, usually by this point in the winter, my soul is yearning for just some little, small, tiny hint of summer.  If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, I will take 100 degrees over 32 any day.  I love my warm weather, y'all.

So this past weekend was the big trip.  Although the winter has not been quite as frigid as other's in the past, shoot it's been downright balmy some days recently, I still could not wait for some fun in the sun.  However, the forecast for the weekend looked kind of like this...

Not actual forecast for that weekend, but close enough

Ugh, seriously??  It's going to rain and then it's going to get cold.  I was none too pleased.  Especially considering our past history with bad weather.  But the tickets had been long booked, so what were we going to do?  Just had to hope for the best.

When we arrived to L&B's condo on Thursday night, the weather seemed fine and the place was uber fabulous.  A beautiful two-room suite on the 19th floor right on the water.

However by Friday morning this was the view onto the balcony:

Not the sunshine I had been expecting.  Thankfully though the sun finally came out that afternoon and we were able to walk on the beach and hang by the pool.  Even got a semi-sunset in.


And the next day was GORGEOUS!


Can you believe it's the same place??  So beautiful..
Sailboats (top left); Lunch on the balcony (top right), Happy about lunch (bottom left), View of the pool from our balcony (bottom right)

The only thing that made me as happy as the much improved weather, was the fact I could go to Publix (which have not yet made their way any further north that Tennessee) and get this:

 Oh yes, Tiramisu ice cream and the beach.  I am in heaven.

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