Friday, April 25, 2014

Better Late than Never: H's First Birthday Party

This is way overdue (what isn't in my life these days?) but I still wanted to share how we celebrated our little guy's first birthday.

The past year had left us a lot to celebrate, and preparing for this party all of the sudden felt like a way of expressing my love of him and to him: which is probably why I went a bit overboard.  I couldn't help myself!

When Henry was first born, I loved the idea of taking monthly pictures, so I picked out these cute stickers from Etsy.  At the time I wasn't thinking first birthday theme, but 11+ months later when I was beginning to plan, I realized ties would be perfect!

A few pinterest searches later, and the idea of a tie-themed little man birthday was born...

My in-laws hosted the big day and we were overwhelmed with gratitude for all the family and friends who came to celebrate with us.

The inspiration:  Henry's Monthly Baby Pictures


Necktie Bag Favors for the kids

Chocolate Mustache Lollipop Favors for the Big Kids (and let's be honest, the little ones, too)

Dessert Table

The cupcake stand kind of fell apart in transit, oh well

Yes, that would be Necktie Cake Bunting 

Food Table

Drink Table

Complete with Mustache Straws

Homemade House Wine

And the Birthday Boy!

No doubt about it, the kid likes his cake

Fascinated by the mustache straws

Thank Yous

Everyone says it, but now I understand what they mean when they say babies grow up so fast.  I still don't know how his turned a year old so quickly, and so much has even changed since his party we just to cherish it all while we can. We love you Henry!!


Invitations:  Little Birdy Prints
Necktie Onsie:  Leo and Lyla
Signs and Thank Yous:  DIY on PicMonkey
Monthly Picture Banner, Cupcakes, Cake, Cake Bunting, Favors and Tie Banner:  DIY

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