Monday, May 14, 2012

Preparing for Preakness

With the Preakness coming up this weekend, some may wonder how it's any different from the Kentucky Derby, and since I've been to the race a few times now, allow me to explain.  They both have grandstands where folks dress up in their finest and sip cocktails while watching the horses race by, but unlike the Derby, the Preakness has an infield party featuring a Maroon 5 and Wiz Kalifa concert and a half-man, half-horse, and possibly alcoholic mascot named Kegasus.

I liken the Preakness to a tuxedo t-shirt, it wants to be formal but it's here to party.  And that is why I love it, but also (and mostly) because it was at this race that I met my boo so many moons ago.

Back when we first met, we were slumming it in the infield but have since moved up to the grandstand seats for the past few years.  Both vantages have their virtues but I'm glad that we now class it up a bit, especially because I get to dress the part.

Tonight I'm going shopping with a couple friends to outfit ourselves for Saturday, so my mind has been, ahem, racing with ideas.

 A lot of ladies like to go the Maryland flag/Black Eyed Susan themed route in the spirit of the race
And last year I saw a few fellow race-goers rocking with the black and white look, and I have to say it looks quite chic

Preakness Possibility 3
White Seersucker Dress  (Similar here),  Michael Kors Jet Set Zip Tote, super cute Horse Bit BengalLanvin Sunglasses,  Pedro Garcia Wedges
However the hubs is wearing his tan seersucker suit and I'd like to wear something more complimentary plus my head is roughly the size of a prize-winning watermelon so finding a hat that fits can be quite a challenge.

To save myself some hat-trying-on grief I already took it upon myself to buy a fascinator which tends to be more forgiving to us big-headed ladies, so I am going to be building my outfit around that.  Here's one option:

But since I already spent a tad too much on my headware (didn't realize my order was in GBP and not USD until I already purchased it, oopsies), I don't think a new dress is really in the budget.  I probably will follow the sage advice of fellow Tar Heels, Meredith & Gwyneth, and shop my closet instead.

Now if I only spent as much time researching the horses as I do on what I'm wearing.

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