Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY Fridge Liners

I don't know what it is about Bravo shows, but the geniuses behind them must have some formula they use to make shows so easy for me to watch over and over.  Well, I use the term "watch" loosely of course. It's more like have them on in the background while I'm doing other stuff, but still they are getting my viewing time.  That was the case the other day with one of my fav's:  Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis.  I love this show on so many levels.  There's Jeff's dry, albeit slightly evil, sense of humor, our shared desire to purge all unnecessary stuff out of a house, and just the general inspiration that comes from watching him transform each home he takes on.  Not to mention of course, Zoila, Jeff's irrepressible and at times downright sassy housekeeper.

Which brings me back to the subject of this post. The other day, I found myself watching an Interior Therapy episode that I had admittedly seen (at least) once before and Zoila took it upon herself to clean the refrigerator of that week's client.  As she started in on it, she lamented at length at what bad shape the bachelor's appliance was in.  I believe the word she used to describe it, as only she could in her thick Nicaraguan accent, was "disgusting".

I have to admit, at that moment I couldn't help but wonder, "What would Zoila think of our refrigerator?"

Well as any 9+ month pregnant lady would do (right?) I continued to obsess over this question for a day or two and upon inspection of our fridge, the answer was a resounding no.  It didn't take long before my main priority in pre-baby prep was having a refrigerator even Zoila would be proud of.

I didn't take a before picture, but this should give you an idea of the state it was in:

I cannot explain thisgraphic yet I am fascinated by it

Side note:  Do a Google Image search of "Hot Mess" and see how many pictures of Lindsay Lohan show up.

Anywho, this obsession of mine whipped me into a full-on refrigerator clean-out frenzy. I was tossing old salad dressing and wilted vegetables, taking out shelves and scrubbing them down in the sink, and wiping down every exposed surface of that thing.  It was glorious, but I felt the need to take it even further and prevent this kind of mess from ever happening again.

That's when I remembered something I had seen online a while back, a little something called Fridge Coasters.
{A Bowl Full of Lemons}

Fridge Coasters are liners for your refrigerator that not only make it easier to clean but also come in the cutest colors and patterns, to make your fridge look (who knew?) super chic.

I loved the idea and look of them but not so much the price (25 bones to line the entire fridge) and waiting time of ordering them online.  Time is of the essence for me these days. I wanted, or in my twisted mind needed, something similar, stat.

Luckily Target makes vinyl place mats in some super-cute patterns which I could tell would work great a a liner for the fridge.  And at $1.99 a pop, at a store near me, I couldn't beat the price or timeliness.

DIY Fridge Coasters


Vinyl place mats (I used four)
Double sided tape (if needed)

I started with 4 place mats in this pattern:

Pretty cute, amiright?

And because of the straight lines in the pattern, I didn't even need a ruler to cut them down to size.  I just cut them to the size of the glass shelves in the fridge, and I was able to tuck them right into the plastic lining around the glass to hold them in place.

Our doors have these (extremely annoying) open shelves that, in the past, have allowed anything smaller than a tub of mayonnaise to slip right through, so I also placed liners on the door shelves and held them in place with a couple pieces of tape.  Now condiments don't slip through like they used to. Hallelujah.

A couple of plastics bins added to the mix to keep things tidy and this was my finished product:

The hubs came home last night, took a look at the refrigerator and I think he was a mix of impressed slash concerned (as in how wacko is this woman anyway).

But the real question is, do you think Zoila would approve?

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  1. That is such a great idea! I really hate cleaning those glass and wire shelves. But removable fridge placemats is genius! Thanks so much for sharing, Mandy! :)

    1. Yes I'm hoping they will prevent future all-out scrubbing frenzy episodes! This last one wasn't pretty :)

  2. ps. I'm going to include a link back in tomorrow's DIY highlights! ;)

  3. This is brillant! I use cardboard six pack containers to corral hot sauces, etc. in the refrigerator door.

  4. This idea rocks!Just a thought...don't you think the mats will work over the wire shelves too? I've see rolls of clear vinyl just for that purpose.

    1. Hi Teresa, the mats are definitely sturdy enough to work over the wire shelves. I've considered that myself, maybe for phase II of my fridge clean up. :)

  5. So simple, who knew!

  6. Thank you for the step by step that is just what I needed and, refrigerator is driving me crazy, so I am
    grateful for your ideas... Inspired me to get started! God Bless you now and always!
    Joy in Jesus,